Wednesdays workout.

Today was probably as rough as yesterday 😂. I couldn’t figure out how to set the timer (spend 30 min prior) so I to change the workout at 9 while people waited. I’m very sorry about that. For tomorrow I promise to mute everyone coming on, music will be closer, workout will be ready, and timer will be set!! I told myself I have till Monday to make everything perfect 😁.

5 rounds for Time- 15 minute cap

20 jumping lunges

20 strait leg sit-ups

20 chair dips

10 burpees

To finish the workout in time you must complete each round in 3 minutes Or less. remember to post your scores!! For every rep you did not finish after 15 minutes add it as a second over. example: say you had 3 burpees remaining after the 15 minutes. Your score will be 15:03

enjoy!! It was a sweaty one!