Tips on doing a deadlift

Deadlift tips:

-Keep feet under hips

-Have hands about thumb width from thighs.

-Keep your core tight

-Bring shoulder blades down your back so you don’t round your shoulders

-chest out will help bracing your core and keeping shoulder down.

-don’t sit in a squat. Push your hips behind you.

-Keep the bar pinned to your body. Don’t let it fall in front of you

-slide the bar down to below the knee cap.

-bend your knees to get the bar to the floor keeping your shins verticals.

*Don’t let the bar away from you!

-when coming back up, you should be using hamstrings/legs to push the bar off the ground

-don’t bring your chest up until after the bar is past the top of your knee.

Stand completely up/full hip extension to finish the lift.