Tabata Thursday!

24 mins

Tabata Workout: 20 sec work, 10 sec rest x8 rounds

Perform A for 20 sec on, 10 sec off and move to B for 20 sec on,

10 sec off, repeat 1 and then 2 for a total of

on 8 rounds before moving

1a. Bent over row

1b.Floor Press

Rest 1 min

2a Weighted bulgarian split squat right

2b Weighted bulgarian split squat left

Rest 1 min

3a Jumping Jack

3b Reverse crunches (lie on back, knees come in and out)

Rest 1 min

4a.Chair cross overs right side

4b.Chair crossovers left side

Rest 1 min

5a. Plank Sprinkler (walk 2 steps left and 2 steps right)

5b. Surfer turns (180 degree jump turn and 180 jump turn back)

Cash Out:2 Rounds

20 bird dogs with elbow to knee

20 mountain climbers (2:1)

20 Russian twists (2:1)

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