How much does your confidence weigh?

Why do we let the scale dictate how we feel about ourselves? So often I hear "If I could just lose 10 pounds..." "When I used to weight this.." "If I weighed this much, I could fit into these pants..." "I just want to weigh, this again." The scale has become the control against which we measure our fat, fitness, and confidence. Shouldn't the scale be "just a number" like age has become "just a number?

I stopped using the scale after I had my second baby because I started counting my macros instead, and WOW, my body composition changed. I didn't lose a pound in the process, but I gained my first six-pack ever, could fit into all of my clothes, felt amazing, and gained so much confidence. The scale does not weigh how much fat or muscle I have and it definitely does not measure my confidence anymore. I use my food intake to control how I feel and look.

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