Fridays Name Workout

Haha it has copied out of order and there is no way I am putting it back in order. It'll still get the job done! Enjoy!

25 Min AmRap

Spell your Name

A=30 Squats

N= 10 Push-ups

B= 20 1/2 Burpees

O= 50 jumping Jacks

C= 10 Crunches

P=20 Squats

D= 15 Push-ups

Q= 30 Sec Plank

E= 60 Sec Plank

R= 25 Squats

F= 15 Tricep Dips

S= 30 1/2 Burpees

G= 20 Lunges

T= 30 Crunches

H= 45 sec High Knees

U=25 tri-ceps

I=40 Jumping Jacks

V=25 Lunges

J= 20 Crunches

W=45 Sec High knee

K= 15 1/2Burpees

X=50 jumping lunges

L= 20 Push-ups

Y=30 Lunges

M=20 Tricep Dips

Z=25 1/2Burpees

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