Burrito Bowl!

This super fast insta-pot recipe will keep your plates and tummy full for the whole week!

I explain how I did everything in the video above. There are a few things I would change if I did it again.

I would maybe let it sit for 1 min verses 6. It was a little dry from sitting so long. I also would use 3/4 C of rice not 1C. It was just sooo much!

Recipe of How I would make it

1lb Raw chicken diced

1 taco season packet

1 Cup of Chicken Broth

Mix these ingredients together in the pot

Then add

3/4 C Long grain Rice

1 can black beans

1 can of diced green chilies

1 C of Salsa

1 C corn

Put all these into the pot cook on high pressure for 10 min then do slow release

If you'd like a creamy texture I stirred in 4 creamy Swiss light (laughing cow) wedges. Covered it back up and let it sit while I warmed up the tortillas and got the avocado ready.

Macros on this recipe above including the laughing cow wedges

F. 5.6 P. 30.4 C. 36.4. Cal= 310. This does not include the avocado or greek yogurt I added in the video! Please post and tag 360 if you make this!!

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