Our Program

We are about finding the right program for you! No templates, all customized


What we offer:

We start with a free consultation where we discuss your goals and what you'd like to accomplish by working with us.

Next, we send you an intake form to fill out which will give us all the information we need to create a starting point.  We use a program that allows you to see your progress with both your workouts and eating. 

We start the 1st month with weekly phone calls to help guide you through the process, answer any questions, go through your bio-feedback, and provide suggestions to help you improve each week.

Everything is personalized and set up to progress at a pace comfortable for you, in order to create a successful experience. We do NOT throw out a bunch of information or crazy guidelines to follow.  The program is built around your lifestyle and we help make it become part of your daily routine so you can maintain it permanently.

We provide a recipe book, video chat for face time and explaining workouts plus 24 hour access for questions

and most importantly, tons of support!