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I grew up in Lake Tahoe, NV.

My parents noticed my athletic ability when I was very young.  I was on skies by age 2 and learning gymnastics by age 3.  I was on a soccer team when I was 6 and competed in ski races at 8.  After graduating from high  school I went to college in the Bay Area to play college soccer.  After 2 years I transferred to the University of Utah where I received my BA and then went on to be a professional snowboarder for 12 years.  Between all my injuries and inevitable aging, I knew I needed to stay active to keep my body in shape and free from aches and pains.

 While pregnant with my first child, I received my NASM to become a personal trainer, then moved forward with receiving my CF-L1 to Coach Crossfit.  While pregnant with my second child I decided to loosely follow macros to see if it would help me keep the weight off.  Sure enough between being more consistent with workouts and being more mindful about eating I ended up 20lbs lighter than with my first.  I was so intrigued with the results from macros that I have spent the last 2 years studying and receiving Certifications from NCI for my L-1 nutrition, hormones, and mindset courses. I have continued learning with my business and hormones coaches.  

My goal is for everyone to be freed from the pressures they put on themselves to achieve something that may not even bring them the happiness they are seeking.  There are so many things we can do, whether we go extreme or just little by little, that can improve how we feel and look.  

Join me on this journey for a healthy mindset, better eating and joyous living

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I’m Shauna Mayer, a fun, easily-distracted foodie who is passionate about fitness and nutrition. I majored in Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Utah and minored in Spanish. Hablo espanol. I was only required to take a basic nutrition class for my major which I found very inadequate. In my final paper I compared my program with other top programs in the United States and my main criticism was the lack of nutrition courses required. I have worked in the fitness field coaching bootcamp style and crossfit classes for over 20 years (yes I am over 20) and have referred many clients to other nutrition coaches. Recently I decided to take matters in my own hands and join and get certified to be a nutrition coach. I have learned so much the last few years about how and what to feed my own body, as a crossfit athlete and distance runner, that I am excited to share with others. 

Teaching has been a passion in my life for years. I received my Masters of Education from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. I have taught Spanish, soccer, Polynesian dancing, group fitness, crossfit and more to children from Pre-k all the way to 80 year olds. 


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I grew up in the Bay Area, born to Physical Education teachers. We were a very active family, always doing some sport or activity. After I stopped playing basketball in high school, I started putting on a lot of weight. I was eating my emotions and feelings and weighed over 200 pounds going into college. 

In college I took an anatomy class and I was fascinated with the body and knew I wanted to go into the medical field.  In 1993 I graduated and started my career as a Respiratory Therapist. 

Over the next 15 years I yo-yo dieted. I longed to have a normal relationship with food and my body. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and always felt inferior to my peers. Soon after I got married in 2005, I was at a normal weight and we were trying to have kids, but instead I received the devastating news that I had premature ovarian failure – menopause at age 35. I turned to food again instead of dealing with my emotions. 

In 2007 I looked in the mirror and I was so unhappy and unhealthy. I was getting dressed for work and put on a pair of XL scrub pants and they were tight! I decided I was going to get healthy no matter how long it took. Through tracking my food and exercise, I got down to 130 pounds over the next year and felt amazing! In 2008 I got certified as a personal trainer. I was thrilled with my new part time job, and it kept me so motivated seeing clients reach their goals and feeling empowered. Although I helped save lives in the hospital, it was really “sick care” and not health care. 

I had another set-back in 2009. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis– I had an acute autoimmune thyroid disease episode that changed my life. I went from being able to exercise for an hour, to being exhausted after a shower. Stress and anxiety took over my life. During this time, I was having a lot of unusual symptoms and my doctors thought I may have MS as well as Hashimoto’s. After a suspicious MRI brain scan, they said I needed a lumbar puncture to determine the diagnosis. Thankfully I did not have MS, and after months of no improvement, we decided on a thyroidectomy. My life improved immensely after that and I slowly got back to my (new) normal. In 2010 I celebrated my health by doing a triathlon in Las Vegas. I was even in a Spinervals exercise video! 

In 2015 I started having painful cramping and spotting. Because I had gone through menopause 10 years before, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know how bad. I was diagnosed with a rare endometrial cancer. We caught it in the early stages, and I had two surgeries but didn’t need chemo, and my doctors decided radiation could have too many side effects given my young age. But the emotional toll it took on me was heavy and I started to gain weight. 

In 2018 I was on the verge of 250 pounds and miserable. I knew what to eat, I knew how to exercise. What was wrong with me that I could not figure this out for good, on my own!? In the summer of 2019, I crossed paths with a fantastic coach who helped set me on the right path. Having a coach to report to motivated me to stick to my goals. I lost 60 pounds by February 2020…and then the pandemic hit. I stayed active and continued to work my program, but after a riding accident I was injured and became depressed. And like a lot of people, I gained some Covid weight. My 50th birthday was looming in front of me. How did I want to start the next chapter of my life? I reached out to a friend who owns a CrossFit gym and asked her about nutrition coaching. She highly recommended her sister’s 360 business and I’m so glad she did. As soon as we started talking, I knew this was different. We discussed my health issues: autoimmune disease, cancer, and hormone issues. Stuff I’d never had another coach or doctor talk to me about before. I knew I wanted to revisit being in the health and wellness arena. I’m excited to join the 360 team and help others live their best and healthiest life!