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What a great experience this last year has been!  Working with Erin has really taught me a lot about food and what my body likes and doesn't like.  I never thought that I would be able to look and feel as great as I do now. I used to have a lot of swelling in my hands and fingers and a lot of GI issues. All of that disappeared through this lifestyle change and following the plan that Erin designed for me.  The thing I really loved about all this, is realizing that everybody is different. The foods that will work with you, the numbers that will work for you, that's all based on the individual. Erin is so amazing at understanding where you are at and tailoring a program to get you to where you want to be.  I have the tools I need to be successful thanks to what she has taught me.      ~ JB

This is a very vulnerable post about my health journey and I have hesitated a lot to post but when others have, it inspired me so here is it...
Two years ago on a whim I signed up for Noom (yeah that crazy random app that pops up on advertisements) and it was awesome! It taught me so much about my bad habits and how to start making goals and small changes that made a big difference. I lost about 30 lbs with Noom. 

Then I had major surgery about a year ago and was on “modified bed rest” for 12 weeks. Needless to say I lost a lot of momentum. When things were heeled up I headed back to gym and tried to get back into calorie counting. I felt awful, I was tired all the time! I thought for sure my hormones were messed up from the surgery and something was seriously wrong with me. Sure a few pounds were coming off but who cares when you feel so tired and can’t get through a day.

Then in February I meet Erin with 360nutrition.fitness and she introduced me to macros. She has worked with me to increase my calories from 1200 (what every dumb online calculator will tell a 5foot human to eat to loose weight) to over 2000 cal a day. 

Erin has literally changed my life. I feel so much better. If someone had told me eating more of the right foods at the correct time of day would solve all my energy issues I never would have believed them and I certainly wouldn’t have thought I would continue to see results but here we are. 

Erin has worked so hard to help me find success. It isn’t just about weight loss it’s about feeling good. I’m still learning and have weaknesses to overcome but I wanted to share that it’s a journey. Don’t believe those insane before and after pics you see online change takes time and it’s important to be kind to ourselves no matter where we are on our journey. 



Detox Done!⁣

I have never done a full month detox let alone with a gallbladder flush in the middle! Wow! It was definitely challenging but I am ecstatic about the results. Been fighting with the little bit of fluff left, not anymore! I ate the most veggies I have ever eaten, while still enjoying yummy meat & potatoes and learning so much along the way. I couldn’t have done it without Erin, my mom and the rest of the detox team! Thank you. I feel so good! Highly recommended -Cassie

There was more to this photo then just calories being higher.  

A lot of us have gut issues that we either do not realize or just choose to ignore and deal with it.  

Amanda always knew something was there but just ignored it thinking that’s Life.  

Fast forward a couple of months, Amanda through amazing will power and my help was able to get rid of the bad bacteria causing all her issues and now enjoys all foods again, lost a ton of inflammation and can eat to properly fuel her body