I have always been fascinated by fitness and how good we can feel when we  take care of ourselves. Sometimes life gets hard and staying on track with health and fitness can become challenging.

Robert and I met in a gym five years ago while we were both building our personal training business by coaching group classes.  

We decided to move our business online to help more people achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle by providing easy access to both nutrition and a fitness coach.  

We help people stay accountable and on-track whether traveling, on vacation, injured, or just bored with the same old gym routine and looking for new elements, or looking to improve form.  Personal training can become expensive so we've created a way to have a personal trainer with you in the gym for much less.



Erin Comstock

I grew up in a mountain town and was on skies by the age of two.  I played soccer all the way through college, and then went on to snowboard professionally for 12 years.  Through my years of sports, I discovered the importance of taking care of my body both in the gym and in the kitchen.  I thought I ate in a healthy way, but then I discovered macronutrients. By measuring and weighing the foods my body specifically needs, I have been able to achieve my fullest potential with energy, strength, endurance, rest, and body goals.  I love sharing my learned knowledge with others.




I grew up In a competitive environment with two older brothers who wanted to be the best at everything. I discovered fitness at the age of twelve while learning about various body builder exercises. Once I started high school, I really got into fitness while participating in football and basketball. 


After high school I went to a two-year college where I received a degree in personal training,  My last 3 months of school required that I do an internship with a gym of some kind. I was interested in Olympic lifting, and the only way I could do that was through CrossFit.  I found a CrossFit gym that would allow me to learn and develop the tools I needed to be successful.


CrossFit changed my views on fitness. Over the next six years I got my CrossFit level 1 and opened a gym. I now write fitness programs for clients that are personalized to meet their specific goals. I also program for athletes, compete in CrossFit comps, and most importantly, I am always learning new ways to help others do better with health and fitness.


Bio: Shauna


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This is a very venerable post about my health journey and I have hesitated a lot to post but when others have, it inspired me so here is it...
Two years ago on a whim I signed up for Noom (yeah that crazy random app that pops up on advertisements) and it was awesome! It taught me so much about my bad habits and how to start making goals and small changes that made a big difference. I lost about 30 lbs with Noom.


Then I had major surgery about a year ago and was on “modified bed rest” for 12 weeks. Needless to say I lost a lot of momentum. When things were heeled up I headed back to gym and tried to get back into calorie counting. I felt awful, I was tired all the time! I thought for sure my hormones were messed up from the surgery and something was seriously wrong with me. Sure a few pounds were coming off but who cares when you feel so tired and can’t get through a day.


Then in February I meet Erin with 360nutrition.fitness and she introduced me to macros. She has worked with me to increase my calories from 1200 (what every dumb online calculator will tell a 5foot human to eat to loose weight) to over 2000 cal a day.


Erin has literally changed my life. I feel so much better. If someone had told me eating more of the right foods at the correct time of day would solve all my energy issues I never would have believed them and I certainly wouldn’t have thought I would continue to see results but here we are.


Erin has worked so hard to help me find success. It isn’t just about weight loss it’s about feeling good. I’m still learning and have weaknesses to overcome but I wanted to share that it’s a journey. Don’t believe those insane before and after pics you see online change takes time and it’s important to be kind to ourselves no matter where we are on our journey. 


Nutrition Creates Change!

What a great experience this last year has been!  Working with Erin has really taught me a lot about food and what my body likes and doesn't like.  I never thought that I would be able to look and feel as great as I do now. I used to have a lot of swelling in my hands and fingers and a lot of GI issues. All of that disappeared through this lifestyle change and following the plan that Erin designed for me.  The thing I really loved about all this, is realizing that everybody is different. The foods that will work with you, the numbers that will work for you, that's all based on the individual. Erin is so amazing at understanding where you are at and tailoring a program to get you to where you want to be.  I have the tools I need to be successful thanks to what she has taught me. 

                         ~ JB

"I have exercised most of my life and always eaten pretty healthy but have a bad sweet tooth. Erin did my macros and encouraged me to log everything I ate. She gave me ideas of things to eat and helped me find some great recipes and sugar alternatives that helped curb my sweet tooth. I felt good and fueled for my workouts. After 4 weeks I thought I had changed a little but when she put my before and after photos together I was surprised and happy at how my body changed.  Erin is encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful. I love that doing macros I can eat foods I love to eat and fit in an occasional treat."         


”I am a mountain athlete when I’m not busy with my day job as a traveling businessman. It’s been a struggle to find a workout and and nutrition routine that “fits” my erratic work life. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Robert and Erin, who after an initial evaluation, created a workout and nutrition plans that I can use while in airports, hotels, and on the road. They have been forgiving when I’ve missed my assignments, but I’ve found that even following a portion of their recommendations I’ve been able to achieve my performance objectives, in fact I surpassed them.”




Fitness Coaching

I go to a regular box gym and I was programming for myself for over a year and never saw any results. I've been working with Robert for only 90 days and I am seeing results like no other. I am stronger, I have muscles I've never had and I feel so great at the gym. It makes my workout days so much easier to have a program already ready to go. 


Nutrition Coaching

Since working on my macros with Erin I have gained so much more than just weight loss. I have energy I've never had before, I am stronger in the gym and mentally, and my confidence is soaring. I feel so great and I am so happy to finally feel good again! I can't thank Erin enough! 






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